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Sound card for gaming/movies

hey guys i am starting a HTPC/Gaming computer. i need a sound card tho... id like it to have a mic and also optical out supporting DLL... i dont care about price but im limited to buying from CanadaComputers and TigerDirect. thanks in advance :D
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  1. Minimum card that meets requirements is the ASUS Xonar DX, however, the mic input is shared with the digital output. So if you want both at the same time, you'd need to upgrade to the ASUS Xonar D2(X). The HT Omega Striker is a slightly cheaper option if you find the D2(X) too expensive.
  2. sorry forgot one thing.. my mobo has no pci just pcie 1x. also i cant find the dx or the d2x on tigerdirect or canadacomputers :(

    i also edited the main post (lol sorry for all the requests :P)
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    ...The DX is pretty well regarded; hard to believe its not available for sale...

    PCI-E options drop off after the DX/D2X. At that point, you're in an area with a bunch of higher tier cards which are probably too much for what you need.
  4. hmm ok thanks for the help il prob go with the d2x thanks again
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