Mouse problems

I am experiencing really annoying mouse problem..
Its like my mouse won't act as i want it to. Sometimes it just moves slower or stops moving for a very short time like i've lifted it from surface.
And that is terribly annoying. I raged so hard today that i almost destroyed it. :na:
Before this mouse i had one cheap wireless mouse which had the same problem. Then i bought this (SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse Legendary Edition) and new mousepad (roccat taito). But everything is still the same. I even reinstalled windows..
So im thinking, could it be something else that's causing this? Like motherboard or whatnot?
Of course have mouse drivers installed and there shouldn't be any conflicting drivers or whatsoever.
Help please, otherwise who knows, how many more mouses i'll destroy :(
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  1. thats a real common probel with that pad.
  2. Actually that was the least thing i expected to cause that. O_O
    Could anyone recommend a good mousepad then?
    I prefer cloth ones, but i think any type will do. :)
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