Windows 7 keeps crashing

hi, this is really starting to anoy me
every couple of days, i will go to swith my computer on log on and find that it comes up with a message saying windows has crashed, trying to restart and then fails,

i tried to fix this by going

cntrl + alt + delete --- start task manager --- new task --- explorer.exe --- then it just happens all over again

next i started the pc up in safe mode and restored it and it would work fine for the next couple of days

this really got to me so i just reinstalled windows 7, after 5 times of doing this the same problem happens 2+ days later

restoreing it works but i would preferer a perminent fix

really need this

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  1. Well when did this problem start ?
    do you remember anything that happened that made this problem accrue ?

    sorry for the question i just need more info i can find the problem.
  2. Hi,

    One of the major reasons for crashing of your computer is the error in the registry. Entries in registry are changed whenever you install or uninstall a new program. Thus, the number of errors in your registry increases and it results in the slowdown of the processing speed. Your system crashes frequently due to these errors and you need to restart the system frequently. The better solution to this problem is to use a registry cleaner in your system. They detect and repair errors and delete the unwanted entries from your system.

    Get more information to fix Windows 7 Keeps Crashing error:

    Hope this helps you.
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