Server fan slot is WAY louder than the others

We got a new rack server at work. Internally it has 3 fans in the front that can be removed and inserted by just picking them up. Like hot swappable fans almost.

Thing is, one of the 3 slots makes a fan go WAY too fast and it gets extremely loud. I've tried all 3 fans in that slot, and it is the slot, not the fans. I've tried to slow it down using Speedfan, but it isn't working.

Any ideas? When I remove the fan entirely from that slot the temperature of the CPU and PC components doesn't change, so maybe i just don't need it at all.
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  1. What server is it? Is it a 1 RU, or larger?
  2. place a call for service.
  3. I figured it out. 2 of the fans were plugged into the Mobo, and the third was hooked into these 2 wires coming from the power supply. So nothing was controlling it.
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