Intel DP45SG- Sound Card

Does anyone have this motherboard, Intel DP45Sg, running windows7 ultimate 64bit with a sound card installed in a PCI slot. The onboard sound leaves alot to be desired!
Looking for a midranged price around $100.00 USD. Looked at ASUS, Creative, and
HT Omega, have not found anything that gets great reviews running windows7/64bit.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

P.S. System is used for mostly for musc, some games.
Looking Forward To Your Replys
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    The ASUS Xonar D1 is preferred over the HT Omega Striker. Same chip, slightly newer design. Close to identical though. You also might find an ASUS Xonar D2 for about $100 if you really look.
  2. Searched for the Xnoar D2 for about an hour but could not find any in the U.S. gamerk316 do you have this motherboard? Also, have you used this Xnor D1 with win7/64bit edtion?
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