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After searching everywhere I cannot find a in detail explanation of how to do this:

Have Battlefield 3 sound output going through my headphones, while at the same time playing music through Windows Media Player output to my speakers.

Scenario: BF3 will only play sound through the "Default" sound device. There is no way to select a channel, none that I'm aware of.

Realtek HD Audio Manager: Ver, Codec ALC892. I'm not sure if this information is relevant but it might help.

What I have tried with Virtual Audio cable is: WMP options - > devices -> speakers -> properties -> select audio device (Set it to Line 1). With no success.

Audio repeater is on, wave in is "Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)" Wave out "Speakers (Realtek High Definition)"

Currently my headphones are set my default sound and communication device, normally they're just my default communication device.
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  1. While I would be happy to be corrected by someone, to the best of my knowledge this is simply not possible.

    The way headphone jacks tend to work is creating something of a short-circuit so that the signal never actually makes it to the speakers. Beyond that, you'd need a similar ability in the software to be able to send audio output to a specific hardware port, and very few programs offer this feature. XBMC is quite possibly the only example I can come up with off the top of my head.

    The infrastructure to do this simply isn't there on either the hardware or software side. At least not with consumer level equipment. If you were willing to invest a couple thousand dollars into some professional grade audio equipment, you might be able to do it, but seems to defeat the purpose I think you'll agree.
  2. This may work if you bought a cheap sound card and ran BF3 to headphones from motherboard and audio to speakers from sound card; then proceed to do this.

    In Windows Media Player 11 and 12, click Tools > Options > Devices > Speakers > Properties > Select the audio device.

    I'll be home in 3-4 hours to test this myself to see if it works.

    Just to be sure:

    BF3 > Headphones
    Windows Media Player > Speakers

    Both at same time, correct?
  3. Yes both at the same time, if you're willing to give it a shot. I'd be more than glad to view the results!
  4. I can confirm it works perfectly fine using sound card and motherboard on-board audio.

  5. Excellent, what kind of sound card did you use?
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    I'm using the Titanium HD with a good pair of quality stereo headphones.

    For you, any decent cheap sound card will do fine, it's not like you listen to lose-less audio and most game sound is compressed I think.

    This should be good for you, unless you really want to get a good quality sound card.

    You may wanna shop or look around if you're interested in looking for other cheap sound cards. Whatever works best for you. On the matter of headphones if you ever decide to get gaming headphones with that surround sound 7.1 stuff, it's a gimmick, avoid it like the plague. Quality stereo headphones + CMSS-3D or Dolby + good sound card = better.
  7. Boy did you save me from a big mistake. I was considering buying the Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless 7.1 Gaming headset []

    I trust your judgement and will avoid this like the plague as you mentioned.
  8. Good to hear! You should head over to if you're ever interested in headphones. :D

    Kind of funny, my friend buys these Astro A40 headphones for so much money, which are supposed to be great and meant for gaming, I get superior results out of my stereo headphones with quality drivers and sound card.

    I would not recommend against the Corsair Vengeance 2000 though since your only gaming, and they are stereo headphones technically with virtual surround sound.

    If you do want quality headphones for music(lossless) and gaming there are lots of great options for stereo headphones by reputable brands like Sennheiser, Grado, Audio-Techica, etc.

    Headphones like the Razer Tiamat are huge gimmicks, 10 cheap drivers packed into headphones too? NO THANK YOU!
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