Will a Router work as a switch?

Hello, I want to be able to easily switch off the internet, but stay connected to my local network. I'm trying to set up an arrangement that allows computer 1 to disconnect from the Internet, but stay connected to the local network, so computer 2 can still access the printer that is slaved to computer 1, and let computer 2 connect to the internet anytime.

If absolutely necessary, I have a second Router that might be employed, for switching purposes. The trick is to be able to do this switching simply. Can I issue a command from computer 1 that will let me disconnect from the internet, but stay on the local network?

I'm getting a bald spot,trying to work this out. Thanks for any suggestions...........Chan :sweat:
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  1. You can just unplug the cable to the modem for that.
  2. sturm said:
    You can just unplug the cable to the modem for that.

    Thanks, that would work, except that computer 2's folks will scream that they can't get to the internet..........Chan

  3. You could set up a separate subnet - say, & 2 and -to allow the connection for printer sharing and turn off the Intenet subnet when you wish to..
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