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I recently finished building my first PC which is all okay i am just thinking about upgrading the stock cooler

i was looking at something like the coolermaster hyper 212 or something like that i just don't want it to obscure the ram slots

i am also not sure whether i would have to take my motherboard out? there is a section cut out of the case at the back

my specs are haf 932 , asus p8z77-v . intel 3570k,

also my temps are 32- 35 idle and 48-53 under load

any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
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  1. The Hyper 212+ or 212 EVO are highly rated coolers which will help when you decide to overclock - current temperatures really don't warrant the upgrade but the desire to overclock would.
    You should be able to mount the cooler without pulling the motherboard.
    A push/pull configuration on the Hyper 212 is best but, if keeping ram visible/accessable is important to you, a pull configuration should work reasonably well also
  2. for $20 (newegg and after a rebate) its hard to beat the performance of a hyper 212+.

    The thermal paste that comes pe-applied it decent stuff, no need to buy anything else.

    Its a tall cooler but the haf932 has plenty of room.
  3. ok thanks guys for replying ill go check it out
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