Best headset for my Creative X-Fi Titanium Professional Fatal1ty

So I managed to snag a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional 7.1 Sound Card for $35 the other day. Seeing as I was just using basic onboard audio, I felt that for $35, I couldn't pass the offer up. So I have it installed and I'm using the Tritton AX-180 headset with it using the 3.5mm jack. I noticed a large increase in sound quality as well as bass. It's much easier to distinguish the range in the audio. The "Surround sound" feature is pretty nice, but not as nice as I'd like. What I'm looking for is a headset that will make the most use out of this sound card for around $100 or less. One headset I've been eye balling is the Creative Tactic 3D Alpha headset and just not using the USB portion of it.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. My advice on this front: Get an audiophile headset + a clip on mic, then enable CMSS3D to get virtual surround.
  2. I have a Logitech webcam I could use as a Mic, which sounds crystal clear. Are you recommending something like studio headphones? Such as Sennheiser/Klipsh/Beats?
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    Forget all about the "gaming headset" crap. A couple years ago I made the mistake of buying the alpha's predecessor called Tactic3D Sigma, costed me $99, and it sounded like a bloated, overly bassy and muddy piece of crap, I returned it. If anything it'd be a downgrade from what you have now.

    Get this instead: and pair it with this: It absolutely destroys all and every single "surround" headphones out in the market, I've heard my fair share of them too.
  4. Thanks for quick responses. I definitley see what you mean. After watching videos of reviews on 5.1/7.1 headsets they state no matter how many drivers are in each ear, it won't make the difference. I'm sure it'll help a bit, but I'm not the person to shell out $150+ on something that isn't a necessity.
  5. And you can actually get a better effect using software with a good stereo headphone.
  6. Razer Carcharias always gets high marks for sound quality. This is a stereo headset. As gamerk said many audiophiles prefer an excellent stereo headset with virtual surround sound over a tru 5.1 headset.

    Earforce hpa-2 are highly recommended by my cousin. They are a 5.1 that uses your soundcards jack and not a usb headset. I've actually never tried them and cannot comment.
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