Black screen with GTX 295

I was unable to find a solution to my problem on NVidia support pages so am looking for help here.

My card is Nvidia GTX 295 with I7 core 975 CPU and Asus P5T WS MB . OS is Vista.
What is happening is that the graphic card stops sending signal to the screen.
Most often this happens right after Windows has finished booting up or shortly thereafter. Sometimes it will happen however after several hours of use. This excludes temepratures issues because the system is cold at start up.

There is no crash and the system seems to be still working. The screen just goes black and displays "No signal" message (of course I checked that the connectors are correctly in place).
The only way to recover is to use the reset button. As soon as the reset button is pressed, the signal ALWAYS comes back and the display is normal during boot up.
Once Windows booted up, the screen goes sometimes black again or sometimes everything will work for several hours.

This is utterly beyond my understanding. Has anybody an idea , a suggestion before the last hypothesis left is a random harware default in the card?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would completely wipe all nvidia drivers from the system and re-install new drivers from scratch.

    Make sure the card is completely seated in the slot (power off of course) and all cables are attached firmly.
  2. Thanks.
    Of course I made sure of the latter, that's the first idea one has.
    As for the former, I have the last NVidia recommended drivers (295.73).

    The irritating part being that it really looks like if everything was working properly (the fans run , the HD works) only the screen is black.
    Also after rebooting there is not the usual Window screen which always comes after a crash.
    So it looks like (bear with me as I am no computer specialist) if the graphic card just decided (randomly ?) to stop sending signals to the screen without triggering any error in the system.
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