Installing H100 pasta? & Fingermarks on cpu top?

Im installing Corsair H100, and was wondering if the pre-applied pasta is any good?
I got some NT-H1 Noctua pasta should i apply that instead?

On the top of the Cpu where the pasta is, iv got some fingermarks on it, should i wipe it clean with something?
Im thinking that the fat from my fingers may reduce the heat transition.

Will i get a lot better fps in game with the same GPU and new cpu and memory?

Reason im buying a new pc is duo to low fps ingame while recording with fraps.
And since i cant afford a GPU yet im gonna go with my GTX 560 TI OC.
And replace Cpu, mem, and Mobo.

Core 2 Duo 3 Ghz --> i7 3770k.
4 Gig ddr2 --->16 GB Vengeance 1866mhz
Asus p5n-d ---> Z77 Sabertooth.

Im gonna buy the GTX 680 CU II Top in a month...

Thx for all the help:D
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  1. Pasta?
    The Preapplied 'pasta' should be fine.

    When replacing a cooler you should always clean it up from the CPU and from the heatsink with cleaning alcohol and it would be better if you did clean off the fingermarks...

    If you are just gaming then get an I5-3570k instead, the i7 will be a waste and yes it will be an improvement with the same GPU, if you are just gaming just get 8GB and that would be enough.
  2. Yeah if it was for gaming it be a waist. But im not :P
    Im making gametrailers for new games, and currently working with project C.A.R.S.
    Its quite a demanding game and while recording with fraps in 1080P i think/hope
    the extra power with the i7 will help me get better fps.
    And ofc for rendering and editing in premier/after effects later:)

    Ill see what i can find to clean with. Thx:)
  3. the i7 will help alot with fraps.
    You dont need 16gb or ram but why not, its cheap.
  4. Mmm.... pasta....

    I like my pasta al dente with roasted garlic and basil tomato paste sauce, a few grinds of fresh cracked black pepper and grated Romano cheese.


    I might make it over the weekend.
  5. Yeah really cheap lol :P
    And that pasta sounds nice, can you fly some down to norway?
  6. Well mayo makes good thermal paste, why wouldn't pasta. LOL
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