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Quadro AND Geforce?

I've heard that the Geforce cards favor the normal consumer type workloads since it is a consumer card, and I've heard just the opposite for Quadro, being that they favor workstation type loads. My situation is that later this year will be my first year of college, and I am going to use some Autocad software and I just had a peculiar thought of possibly buying a quadro card and using it in my current system. This isn't unthinkable, except I'm not sure how much I would really benefit from a quadro card from my 560ti. If I do buy a quadro card is it possible to have them switch from one GFX card to the other without having to manually pull the card everytime?

So, I guess to wrap it all up, I am going to have some money before college that is mine and I am going to game and work, what would be the best GFX solution?
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    The 560Ti :)
    That would literally be the best workstation solution too had we not gone and made it so popular just for gaming , right?
    Actually you won't need the Quadro since the 560Ti will do the same jobs of rendering stuff like that pretty efficiently, the plus point is that you'll be able to game just as well.
    Stick to it, and if need be , which I doubt, we'll come up with a better solution by September.
  2. that would definitely be the most cost effective XD don't spend anything
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