My computer has randomly started to move slow

Recently while I was playing a game my computer has started to run slow. I was just playing GTA IV while it was running perfectly fine on my computer, and it starts to move slow. I exit, wait 5 mins, then try to play again. However, when try to start it up, it takes 5 minutes to get to the loading screen, and then it gets stuck there. So, I shut off my computer and wait 30 minutes. When I get back on I realize EVERYTHING moves slow. When I click a program or something it is slow to open, when I click search bars or anything, It sometimes move when I type, my games will take forever to open, EVERYTHING is slow. Everything was fine an hour ago, WHAT HAPPENED :(
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  1. You have entered The Twilight Zone :D. No seriuosly it could be virus it could be your cpu overheating but i doubt that,HDD failing.Numerous things,but i bet there is something runing in background that uses alot of cpu power
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