My graphics card is not detected by my pc but wrks in friends!

My graphics card is not detected by my pc but works in friends computer. Help!
I have an msi twin frozr gtx 560ti oc graphics card and it has now stopped working. It does not show up on device manager so i have to use the onboard graphics. First i tried to use driver sweeper to delete the nvidia drivers but for some reason it wasnt working so i decided to reinstall windows. That didnt work. I took out the cmos battery and put back in to reset the bios, that didnt work. I tested the card in my friends computer, the card works no problem. I tried his card in my computer in the exact same pcie lane and that card works. Put back in mine, no joy but the fans are spinning, so power is definetly going to it. I updated the bios to the latest version and made sure the settings in the bios are set to autodetect the pcie card first. Still not working,although this has to be the problem since i cant think of anything else. I also reseated the card loads of times and i reseated the memory sticks incase something was stuck in memory,still not working. The motherboard is the m4a88td-v evo/usb3.
The power suppy is this-
oh and my friends card was an MSI ati 5770 so that only has one pci power connector whereas my card has two pci connecters. And my friends psu is a 500w antec so thats actually lower than what i have in my pc. But the fan's are spinning on my card so that must mean the power is going to it doent it? I have no idea whats going on!
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  1. Well that's unknown brand, your friend antec maybe better than yours :).

    But make sure motherboard drivers are updated and ensure the connections are right again.

    If no, Replace the PSU?
  2. I think its looking the way of me having to replace the psu. i've updated the bios and ive checked the connections so many times now im sick of looking at them!
  3. The 5770 needs less power than you GTX560ti, that is why 500w is ok for him.

    500w from a quality psu should be enough to run your card. See if you can't swap psu's to test out the defective psu theory.

    Just because the fans work does not mean that sufficient power is being delivered.
  4. Your friends 500W Antec probably provides more power than your generic off branded 550W does, if you can try and swap power supplies with him for testing.
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