New IVY build, please help

First time post here. Within the week I want to order my new computer but I could really use some help with some of the components. Any help would be appreciated.

My needs are as follows:

-3570k with a Z77 that I want to moderately overclock at 4.4-4.5k, 24/7. Ram at around 2000 mhz (I want some performance from overclocking but I want to have good reliability and longevity for this computer, roughly 3-5 years)

-I have no exact budget but I want to keep certain components in a specific price range unless anyone thinks I should exceed that amount. I also don't want to get any component that would be overkill for my use.

-I plan on gaming with this machine as well as web browsing. Games include FPS, racing, and Diablo3/WoW. I prefer to have max settings in any game excluding 16x AA (slightly lower is fine) with 1920x1080 single monitor use. Diablo3 will be 70 percent of my gaming but when I play a fps or racing I want to have no troubles doing so.

-I am primarily a single GPU user. I will be getting a 680/690 when the prices drop a bit.

-OS will be Windows 7 Home 64bit

-I prefer to keep my computer nearly silent if possible.

-Any comments/concerns/questions would be MUCH appreciated.

This is what I was thinking so far(prices included are rough estimates and I can give or take as necessary according to recommendations):
I will purchase everything online from the USA:

$150 Case: Corsair 550d I am pretty much set on this case.

$150-220 Motherboard: Asus P8z77-V For my needs, would there be any advantage to getting the Pro or Deluxe? From my research I have found that I would not need those extra connections or anything the Pro or Deluxe has to offer. If anyone feels differently about this please comment. This has been the hardest component to decide upon due to there being so many options. I decided on Asus because they seem to be known for reliability and overall quality. I also like the fan control and overclocking via software features on these boards as well as quality tech support from the company.

$100-150 PSU: Kingwin LZP-550 or LZP-650 I want to get a psu that is going to be right for me power wise. I also love the features of the kingwin and it has very good reviews. Nearly silent 99 percent of the time as well.

n/a GPU: 680/690 I will be using my current older DX11 for the meantime.

220-250 CPU: 3570k overclocked to 4.4-4.5 on air

$50-100 Ram: Samsung 30nm ones(the one everyone talks about on the deals forums) OR Any recommendation if I can get a lot more performance for something around $100.

$200 Sound card: Asus Xonar Essence ST PCI soundboard Pretty much set on this to go with my speakers as I do enjoy listening to music often.

$300 Speakers: Swan M50W already purchased with $100-150 headphones to come as well

$40-80 CPU cooler: Thermalright HR-02 Macho I've heard good things about this moderately priced cooler performance wise as well as it being nearly silent. I am pretty confident on this cooler keeping my chip nice and cool, any other suggestions that would be equal performance or better while also being nearly silent?
P.S. What thermal paste is the best?

$200-250 Hard Drive: Crucial M4 256GB I may wait for the price to drop a bit on this SSD. In the meantime I will use my Caviar (green I believe) 250GB. Once I purchase the M4 I will use it as my primary OS and gaming drive with the Caviar for storage.

$100 Keyboard: Corsair K60 I love the tactile keys and the reviews are good. Also I don't really want a backlit one so I'm going with the K60 over K90.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The ASUS z77s had some bad reviews. Performs just as well as cheaper ones.

    Why not just get a 120GB SSD and use the 250 for data?

    Seems like you have some decent money to spend though.
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