Will this laptop be good for multitasking on the web


is this laptop good for surfing the web with speed when i have multiple tabs open
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  1. I would say no simply because the resolution is low at 1366x768.

    I try to do a lot of multi-tasking on my Lenovo Y470 which also has a 1366x768 resolution screen, but the desktop space is simply too small to do any effective multitasking... at least compared to what I do on a desktop.

    My next laptop will have a screen resolution of either 1600x900 or 1920x1080 for better multitasking capabilities. Most likely 1920x1080. To simulate multitasking on a low resolution screen simple lower the resolution on your desktop to something that's close to 1366x768 and try it out,
  2. I would say no because a dual core a6 processor is too weak in my opinion to do much beyond browsing the web. I bought my grandson a laptop with a p320 processor which is about equivalent to this one and I found it to be too slow. Sold it for $200.
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