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Hello. I have two specific questions about graphics cards then a request for some assistance in selecting one for my computer.

First of all, what makes a graphics card incompatible with someone's computer? Is it the motherboard or processor or something else? Second, how does someone go about selecting a compatible card?

Now for my computer. I have a Dell XPS 630i with:
Intel core 2 quad Q6600, 2.4GHz cpu
4 GB of DDR2 memory
Windows 7
Dell Inc 0PP150 motherboard
750W power supply

On Dell's website, it recommends only four video cards for my computer and I was considering the ATI Radeon HD4650. So, will this card work and are there any other options I could consider for a graphics card under $200?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Which brand is this PSU? If it's from a decent manufacturer, I'd recommend this which won't be bottlenecked by your non-overclockable and kinda old CPU.

    Forget about the Dell recommandation lol.
  2. If you have facebook, find and like "sapphire technology club"
    use their card selector feature. it's helpful.
  3. to answer your 1st question its partly the motherboard--ie an agp card wont go in a pci-e slot and vice versa

    and partly down to the psu being powerfull enough to run the graphics card if its higher end

    to answer your second question you select a compatible card by

    your budget--your psu--what games etc you want to play--whether it will physically fit in your case
  4. A graphics card must fit in a motherboard slot. Motherboard slots can be agp, pci, or pci-e.

    In this case, you have a couple of pci-e x16 slots which is good. pcie-x16 graphics cards are stronger, and cheaper than the other types.

    Your 750w psu is strong enough to power any graphics card made today, so no worries there.

    If your case is of limited size, you need to check that.

    Graphics cards may be 6-12" long, typically 9"
    A low profile case may limit your card choice also, if it does not have normal sized rear openings.

    I have little doubt that a 4650 would be any problem.

    Why do you want a discrete graphics card?

    If it is for gaming, I think you will find the 4650 lacking.
    The graphics card is the real engine of good gaming.
    Read this article, and consider buying the best card you feel comfortable paying for:,3107.html
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