Did I mess something up?

Okay so I just started building my own pc. I have recieved every part except my CPU and GPU. Well today I decide to go ahead and put together the parts I already had and plug them into the power supply. After plugging everything in the way I thought was supposed to be plugged in, I proceeded to turn the pc on to see if bios would pull. I didnt know bikes required a CPU to run so nothing happened except my motherboard light turned on, my case fans turned on, and my power supply light turned on. I then realized that I need the CPU so I then proceeded to turn the power back off. I pressed the power button but it didn't turn off, something just clicked. I ended up having to unplug the power supply to turn it off. I am just wondering if something is wrong or if I messed up by started the pc without a CPU? I'm sorry I'm a major Noooooobbbb at this.
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  1. Wow sorry about the grammar errors. My iPhone changes everything.
  2. Nah, you're fine. It should work once you install the CPU and RAM.
  3. aicom said:
    Nah, you're fine. It should work once you install the CPU and RAM.

    Oh thank god. Someone told me that I probably damaged my motherboard my booting without a CPU. Thanks so much for relieving me of the worry.
  4. Quote:
    yeah, everything should be fine, dont worry! BUT do yourself a favor and spent about 30 minutes in youtube watching "how to build a pc" videos

    Thanks bro. I beat u to the punch. I'm watching some right now. Man I thought that I would get yelled at on here after posting but I was wrong. Toms hardware people are respectful.
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  6. LOL, sometimes they are.

    Just make sure you watch a lot of those vids. Some can be wrong but if most say the same thing then its probably true.
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