Which system should i buy ?

Hello everyone, hope you can help me with some valid arguments.Which of these systems are best for gaming ?

1) http://www.bcgroup-online.com/proizvodi/BC-desktop-racunari/BCGROUP-PC-AMD-Athlon-II-X3-450-4096-640-GF440GT-1GB-15871/

2) http://www.bcgroup-online.com/proizvodi/BC-desktop-racunari/BCGROUP-GLADIATOR-15102/

3) http://www.bcgroup-online.com/proizvodi/BC-desktop-racunari/BCGROUP-INTEL-Core-i3-2100-3.1-4096-640-GF450GTS-1GB-15859/

You probably don't need any translation, "garancija" is warranty (mesec = month, godina = year) and currency (RSD) is 110 RSD = 1 EUR

Thanks in advance !
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  1. I can't recommend any of those, they all seem to have cheap power supplies. I have never heard of Frontier as a PSU name. I have heard of Spire, but nothing good. I think the 3rd computer does not mention the PSU.

    Of the 3, the one with a Spire PSU has a "Spire CoolBox 500W" so I searched for that.... but I see it's just the case and I really have no idea what the PSU is.

    However, they all seem to be under $400 US Dollars.

    If you need to buy one of these, get number 2. It has a 6770 and a good motherboard, and you can upgrade the PSU (first) and the CPU (second).
  2. Damn, i forgot to put this computer.I wanted to put it instead of number 1


    And i can upgrade PSU same day i buy that computer.So with that in mind what pc do you recommend me to buy ?
  3. Sigh. I just spent an hour looking for you. You have some serious supply problems over there.

    You will have better gaming up front with number 2. Even though the processor is weaker, the GPU is better and that is most important in games.

    Of all the PSUs they have listed, most are VERY BAD. The very expensive Chieftech PSUs are OK, but way too much power for your computer.

    Based on this review:

    I think this Chieftech PSU is your best choice:

    The new link you gave is to an FM1 type computer... not a good choice over all. At least with number 2 you can upgrade the CPU easily for the next few years.
  4. Thank you for help- it really means a lot ! I am going to listen to your advice and buy number 2 soon
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