Audio only coming out of one earphone

I opened up my PC to clean it a few days ago. The audio works fine, but when I plug in headphones or earphones, the audio only comes out to one side. Also, the usb ports on that side do not work either. I was wondering if I accidentally unplugged something while i was cleaning my PC.
Any help is appreciated.
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  1. open the case back up and have a look. we cant see it from here but it sounds like you did, or maybe caused some damage to the motherbd.
  2. do you have headphone jacks at the front of the case? if you do check the wires coming from the front of the case are properly connected to the motherboard.

    Wires from the front of your case, power led, hdd led etc would be inserted on pins close to each other. Try reading the description written around those pins on the motherboard and see if one of those is for audio. Hopefully its just half hanging on.
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