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Hey Guys,

First off thanks to all of you who have helped me in the past. Now I have an idea, but I need help with what hardware, and software (if any), will be needed to put it into application. My unit is headed to Afghanistan. We have no internet provider, so I have already established that I will need a dish. I am not sure where to get it from, however I need details on how I connect 18 computers to said dish... now that will be on average 9 in any given 12 hour period, knowing that we work 24 hours a day. At most there will be 10. Now I'm not attempting to spend 100 grand, however I am willing to put the money into it, as with most technology, you get what you pay for. What I need is suggestions on dish providers, and what all it will take to get from dish to 18 computers. I am trying to keep a decent bandwith, and we do have rolls of cat 6 cable It will be a wired network, and beyond that, that is what I need. Any assistance would be great. Once this is set up, is there any software I can use to manage the network, and allow only the computers that I have chosen to be on the network... like a mac address blocker.

Thank you....
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  1. Shouldn't you be contacting a satellite ISP?
  2. Yes, and in the end that is what I will do. However I would prefer to have as much knowledge as possible whe I speak to them. I don't know if one switch is beter than the other, I don't know if the modem I get through them is worth a damn... I am merely looking to arm myself, before going into a conversation I am not as comfortable with. In the words of a wise man..."knowing is half the battle"!
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