Installing windows 7 64x gets stuck.

So I reformatted my computer last night and reinstalled windows on it. It goes through the installing windows etc, then when it reboots it goes to a black screen, then it turns into the windows loading screen and just sits there with the colors above it. I checked the hard disk for errors and there are none. I also used 2 different windows cds and made a new one; none of these are scratched. please help!!!!!!!!
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  1. Does anyone reply on I had another post about my graphics card and never recieved a response.
  2. There is a memory tester on the windows disk, I would start there. After that, start swapping hard ware remove all but one RAM stick, alternate and see if it changes, same with the GPU. Basicallly one piece at a time till you find the issue.
  3. 14 minutes is a bit short to be complaining about lack of responses.

    1. Walk away from the thing and see what happens ..... depending on the speed of yo9ur various components it could take a while.

    2. I find the most common source of windows won't install problems is a bad memory stick. Have you run memtest86+ ?
  4. Sorry I am impatient and been working on this for three days. It is my work computer and very desperate since the programs I normally use I cant use.

    memtest86+ turned out fine but I havent tried removing any memory sticks. If I remove the GPU I will not be able to see anything on the monitor because I do not have onboard video.
  5. 1. Walk away from the thing and see what happens ..... depending on the speed of yo9ur various components it could take a while.

    I can definately try this, however I have installed it many times and it normally breezes through it.

    My current setup without knowing exact models is:

    8GB ram
    AMD Radeon 6970 GPU
    AMD Phenom II x 4
    1 SATA drive
    1 DVD drive
    Gigabyte motherboard
  6. Should my hard disk indicator light be working hard when it says starting windows?
  7. mjjsciz said:
    Should my hard disk indicator light be working hard when it says starting windows?

    Yes that's fine, Windows is loading up so there will be HDD activity.
  8. Now I am stuck at Setup is updating registry settings, just waiting to see what happens
  9. Now it just went to a black screen but the HDD indicator light is still working
  10. Omg I see a cursor now! I am praying!
  11. Well it went through all these long loads on each screen to get back to the install windows screen where it is completing installation. I have had this happened before and I build and sell gaming machines very often. Any reason why it would take this long?
  12. Been sitting at Completing installation for about 20 minutes now
  13. It takes some time, wait a bit more and it should go through.
  14. I know it takes time, its just I have performed several installs on this machine and it normally breezes right through everything. Why so long this time?
  15. It is honestly not doing anything, not even the green bar at the bottom and now my mouse and keyboard are not working. The three dots are still going beside completing installation. If I restart it, will it come to this screen? Wanted to try disabling the floppy as a work around.
  16. Looking for quick reply because I need to unplug my computer and take it back to the house to work on it but I do not want to go through all the steps again
  17. Could be the system is throttling back because of overheating. If you have fiddled with the innards of the PC recently it is possible you have dislodged a well-cured, hardened thermal paste from the CPU/heatsink, rendering the heat transfer inefficient.
    Even transporting the system from one location to another can do that if the heatsink is heavy enough.
    If not, you can try to do an install with the minimum of hardware needed plugged in (one stick of RAM, for instance, and so on), then add the remainder after installation is complete.
  18. When installing from a disc, I find most problems are from the DVD drive. If it's faulty or poor quality, it doesn't read the disc well, or reads at slow speeds. If you have 2 DVD drives, you might want to try the other one.
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