ATI 7970 Flash help PLEASE!

Hey guys! I'm trying to flash my 7970s. I have two in crossfire and i downloaded the latest version of ATIWINFLASH. I have those special overclocking bios from ATI but i have never flashed a card. WINFLASH keeps telling me it cant find any discrete cards. I'm not sure what i have to do do i need the switch in a curtain position? Or should i take one of the cards out and disable crossfire? Or both? If any one could shed some light on this i would REALLY appreciate it!!!

They are sapphire cards if that matters but as they are reference cards I don't think it should.
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  1. You need to disable crossfire and put the bios switch in "away" position from crossfire connector, i think marked as "1" IIRC.

    You don't need to take one card out, in my experience with 6950.

    Make sure you backup your current bios first using ATIWINFLASH.
  2. Hummmm no go I even took the secondary card out. Tried the switch in both positions no go. I still get "no desecrate ATI card detected"
  3. Exactly what are you flashing your 7970 bios to? What are you hoping to achieve?
  4. AMD release BIOS that allow you to overclock 7970 from the bios so you don't have to use a program like Trixx or afterburner.

    Check the first one out:

    Actually found the bios here:

    I was trying to do it because trixx drives me INSANE. Some times they are clocked some times they aren't it seems like it just randomly shuts itself down some times. I HATE it. Plus i think it would be cool to OC them in the bios so they are always like that even if they change comps, I reformat this that and the other thing.
  5. Ah, ok, that sounds good. I was hoping you weren't trying to do something like unlock shaders or what not, things that you can't do. I assume that means your card is very stable up to the CCC limit.
  6. yup yup
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