Inconsistent processing speeds from extremely slow to very fast

Hello, I have a big problem with my computer's performance. I recently upgraded my MOtherBOard and CPU. The MOBO is an ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 and the CPU is an Intel i7-2600k. My previous MOBO was ASUS as well but it had an AMD CPU and since my new CPU is Intel, i needed to purchase a MOBO with an Intel chipset.
I switched them over and at first it was functioning properly. However 2 weeks later the system has started to severely lag(it's pausing every couple seconds and sound stutters). It's rendering games unplayable and movies unwatchable. The funny thing is that it doesn't do this all the time. Sometimes it runs smoothly and other times it's crippled.
-I've already performed a clean reinstall of my windows 7 64bit operating system.
-My graphics card is an XFX Radeon 6870 so that's adequate.
-My power supply is an Antec Earthwatts 650w 80+bronze, is that enough?
-I believe I have plenty of RAM with 2x 4GB Corsair Vengeance (8GB)
-My drivers are all up to date.
The only other thing I could think of is, I had tried out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and hated it, so I did a clean reinstall of Windows 7. But this was before the new MOBO and CPU. Maybe there's a clash of drivers? Maybe the Windows.old folders are screwing with something?
I'm not sure what the hell is going on with my system but I need help.
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    You can delete the old windows installs and folders in Disk Cleanup if you go to 'clean system files' at the bottom of the window.
  2. Cool, thanks man I just tried that. It's too soon to tell but hopefully this kills the problem permanently. Thanks for the re:
  3. Yeah problem's still there. I'm starting to think it might be a defective hardware issue. D@amnit
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