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i have a fx 4100 with a 6870 and 16 gb ram but am still having frame rate problems with games like mw2 maxed out which i was led to believe would have no problem so i was wondering if it was my cpu thats bottlenecking the gpu?
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  1. No that shouldnt be bottlenecking. How do you know you have a framerate issue? Whats your average FPS (@ what resolution) and how did you come to that amount?
  2. i was running fraps and unigine heaven and the fps would never go above 60, and it would usually stay solid at 60 but when it drop only to like 58 it would stutter
  3. 1080p @ 60fps
  4. A cap of 60 FPS is normally due to v-sync being enabled. This can usually be disabled in the game's graphics options and/or via your graphics driver interface.

    Disabling v-sync may increase fps performance but can also lead to the visual effect of screen tearing.
  5. ok. in my other thread some guys suggested i try overclocking because my first core was running at 100% so i did but only a little because im still running stock heat sink is this what i shoulddve done or should i switch it back to normal?
  6. I meant what was your FPS in MW2 which should be relativley high

    Unigine heaven benches your card shouldnt be solid over 60 also if your recording with FRAPS you will take a large hit to FPS, try bandicam it hits the FPS less (though still does).

    If you want to OC then go ahead but better to do with a good cooler.
  7. Here is how your card should perform in benchmarks


    If you get anything massively different there is a bottleneck (by massive I mean a fair % difference)
  8. while playing mw2 i was able to get a solid 60 fps most of the time (it never went over 60) but my main problem was even with the slightest drops down to 58 fp there would be an anoyying noticable stutter
  9. alright so i dont know if my tempurature readings are accurate but i was running dead space 2 baisically maxed out at only 30 celcious
  10. Sounds like Vsync to me.
  11. i turned of v sync and was able to reach 80+ fps on dead space now. i overclocked my gpu to 3.9 and it seems to be running smoother
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