Advice needed for building HTPC AMD based

I want to build my own HTPC So far in my research I came up with the following:

Case: SilverStone ML-03 € 61,40
mobo: Asrock A75 Pro4-M € 64,30
APU: AMD A6-3650 € 80,80
Mem: Corsair 2x4GB DDR3, 1866MHz, CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9 € 52,60
PSU: Silverstone SST-ST45SF (450W) € 52,60
APU cooler: Scythe Kozuti € 25,10
system fans: Cooler Master Ultra Silent Fan Series 4x € 29,60
Blu Ray: Lite-On iHBS112-115 € 51,20

I can build the system for just over 400 euro, but is the A6-3650 with its TDP of 100W a problem?
The A6-3500 cost 61,50 euro and has a 65W TDP (but 1 less core). Or should i go the other way and get a A8-3850 for 88,50 euro and get same 100w but have more power for only 8 euro more.

btw. i'm want to use the htpc to watch 1080p MKV movies, brows the internet, play some WOW from time to time.
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  1. Not enough info or did i post in the wrong thread?
  2. Naw, HTPC questions go slow here. I don't build HTPC either, but do use a couple of old PCs to time shift TV.

    1. IF HTPC only drop to 4GB mem. If anything else keep the 4gb, it's cheap.
    2. Google AMD TRINITY and see if you want to wait a few weeks. same perf, 1/2 the power or more performance at same power. Should move price points a bit.
    3. A6 comes with Heatsink and Fan included. Are you trying for a quieter HSF with the Scythe Kozuti ?
    4. Why the case fans vs. letting PSU pull out the heat ?
    5. Very big PSU for this system, a unit with 300W would be more efficient
  3. Thanks tsnor

    ill comment to teh questions:

    1) 4 gb is only a bit cheaper 33 for 4 vs 53 for 8gb and the 4gb more won't hurt
    2) yes i read 15 may is relase date so i wait after that.
    3) the heatsink included is bulky where the scythe kozuki is only 4 cm high. (and its more silent as a add bonus)
    4 the psu sucks in air from botom and throws it out in back, so psu heat is taken care of. rest of system heat i want to suck out by the 4 case fans (4 so thay can turn slower and reduce noise that way)
    5) the psu i picked is 125 x 100 x 63.5 mm where the normal psu is 150 x 140 x 86 mm the bigger psu will be burdened less but if needed it can give the extra power kick.

    only thing i'm not sure is what GPU to pick and if the 35 extra watt (65 vs 100 watt DTP gpu) is a big issue.
  4. if you want to reduce temps, the 3500 is still plenty for an htpc. either can output 1080p on the on-board video card.
  5. Doesn,t the gpu,s use less watt/power when not fully utillized?
  6. A 100W TDP is fine, as the CPU won't run at full load. The alternative is a low TDP CPU and discrete GPU...I use the G630 and underclock it to 2.0GHz, which probably gives me a TDP in the region of 30W (off the top of my head).
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