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Hello, I have a 700 Watt Azza psu, it provides 50a on the single 12v rail and up to 600 watts, with i think 78% efficieny, it came with my computer, im getting a gtx 570 graphics card tommorow and was wondering if this will be enough to power the card+ my other components, i also have 1 hdd 1 ssd, around 7-10 120/140mm led fans in my case, a corsair h60 liquid cooler in push/pull, an optical disk drive, an i5 3570k overclocked to 4.5 @ 1.27-1.29 volts, 2 sticks of gskill 1600mhz ram @ 1.5v with timings of 8-8-8 -24 and an asrock z77 pro3 mobo. I looked on nvidia's website to see how much power the gtx 570 needs and it said 38a on the 12v rails and i have that but i dont know if the remaining 12a is good enough for my other things in my computer and i dont wanna strain the semi decent psu i have, if i do need a stronger psu please recommend me how many amps i need, and ill probably get a nice corsair 750/850 watt psu or something like that. thanks, i really appreciate the time you took to read this
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  2. Well, IF the PSU can deliver what it promises, it's plenty for your system. You do have a lot of fans but they only draw a very small amount of power each. As for the 38A draw on the 12V rail, that includes what they're estimating a normal system would draw on that rail. Some of the system power draw goes to the other rails, by the way. You can do the math here too - 38 amps on 12V means a power draw of 38*12 = 456W, which is more than any graphics card I've heard of draws.

    However, I can't seem to find any reviews for your PSU, and Azza doesn't ring a bell as a reliable PSU brand. So there's a serious risk that the unit may be promising a lot more than it can deliver.
  3. I would stay away from Azza. Their units are mostly made by a reputable mfr (Superflower), but are low-quality units unless you get one of the 80+Gold/Platinum PSUs...and that PSU is not one of them. Where are you located and do you have some sites we canl look at and recommendations?
  4. located in Connecticut america and yeah ive been looking at newegg a lot and thinking about getting a CMPSU-750TX by corsair but im not sure if its compatible with my z77 mobo and my ivy bridge cpu
  5. i could get the v2 version but i can get this used for $65 from a friend its been used for a year and it has a 5 year warranty on it so itll be good
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    You don't need that much power unless you plan on getting another GTX570 for an SLI. A system with a single GTX 570 requires a 550W PSU with at least 38A on the 12V rails and two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors. A system with two GTX 570s running in two-way SLI mode requires a 750W PSU with at least 53A on the 12V rails and four 6-pin PCIe power connectors. The CMPSU-750TX certainly meets your needs for one GTX 570 and with 60A on the 12V rail and four 150W 6+2-pin PCIe connectors is sufficient for an SLI of GTX 570s. It is a good quality PSU and is a great deal at $65...jsut realize that you can get a new V2 that's made by Seasonic for less than $20 more. You can get the PC Power and Cooling MKII 750W for $15 more and it has 7 years of warranty and is 80+ Silver: - The deal from your friend is ok but you get a used product with less warranty for slightly less than the cost of a new PSU.
  7. I'd jump on it for $50 but $65....
  8. Rugger said:
    I'd jump on it for $50 but $65....

    got him down to $45 and i didnt want to keep using this noname brand psu, i dont like how they used random manufactureres to build my computer but i switch out the supertalent ram for g.skill ram, zotac gtx 560 for an evga gtx 570, azza psu for a corsair psu, remove the stock heatsink and added a corsair h60 and got additional nzxt fans for kicks.

    i think i made a good deal with my buddy because its half the price new and i can possibly sell this cheap psu on ebay for 25 or something or just trash it if it doesnt sell. and i may go SLI in the future and i just wanted to be sure all my computer parts are okay and wanted to get a quality psu. im pretty sure id have to upgrade my z77 mobo for SLI because i dont think my asrock z77 pro3 supports SLI, but i dont even need SLI really because my card pulls in frame rates in the high 50s to 60 with vsync on and i game on one 23 inch 1080p monitor
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  10. For gaming at 1080p you don't need more GPU power than the GTX570; you should be able to max settings in most any game currently on the street at thoser resolutions. If you decide o multi-monitor later, then that could change or you could simply reduce the settings a little. It sounds like you changed out most of the components onyour your pre-built machine - it may have been cheaper building your own. :D Enjoy your 'new' PSU and happy gaming!
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