Hello guys.
I really have a serious question.
watching low resolution video on high resolution display watching movies which are not hd on 1080p monitor resolution.
or watching high resolution movies like HD on low resolution monitor at 1366*768..
I mean can you please just make me understand the connection between monitor resolution and movies's own resolution..i mean movie has its own resolution and monitor has his own resolution..ssooo how do they work together to give the best..??plz elaborate completely..
plus i have a lcd 18.5 at 1366*768.i m going to upgrade it to 21.5 in at 1920*1080.and i just wanna use it for watching movies,no games or anything and normally i watch movies at 1280*544 or 1280*720 or even would i benefit from 21.5 in at 1920*1080 monitor or not..?
there is another 20 in lcd at 1600*900 at a good price. im seriously thinking of buying should i buy 20 in lcd at 1600*900 or 21.5 in at 1920*1080.also the price diff between thm isnt too much.

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  1. Your question is kind of hard to answer, but if you're saying what I think, heres an explanation:

    Say a old, 720p movie running on a 1080p monitor, it would be just like watching a non HD tv channel on a 1080p tv. The monitor's res. is there to tell you how clear it is, higher the better. The movies res. does not matter unless it is a widescreen movie on a non widescreen monitor. So if you watch a 480p movie on a 1080p monitor, it will just look like a 480p movie on a good monitor, nothing will happen, it will just be 480p. As long as the movie doesnt have a certain resoloution it needs to run at, it should be fine on any monitor. 1080p movie will just look fuzzy on a 480p monitor, because the movie downgrades to 480p, which is a bad resoloution now days. So if you buy a 1080p monitor , and watch HD movies, yes it will be much clearer and you will enjoy movies more due to the crisp colors and contrast.

    Higher resoloutions mean clearer viewing. Just make sure the monitor can keep up with your graphics card or you will get fuzzy lines. But at 1080p using HDMI it wont happen, only happened to me with VGA.

    I hope this helps!
  2. Just as "cyansnow" said, to be brief, An Low-Res video on an 1080p monitor won't get you an better video quality, whilst an Low-Res monitor playing an 1080p Video will make the video scale down and loose its original details on the low-res screen.

    Hope it helps! :)
  3. You should also be aware that, Blu Ray Movies, come with various if you watch on a 720p monitor, then the Movie will play the 720p version, and not loose any quality, same vice-versa if playing on 1080p.
  4. guys thanks for ur replys
    but do u think if i play a 720p movie on a 1600*900 monitor or 1920*1080 monitor..would it make a diff on either of them (clarity wise)..would 1600*900 monitor show better video of 720p or 1920*1080 will show a better video of 720p..?
    guys what do u think plz comment.
    plz ignore for asking such a silly question...:)
  5. 1080p will always be better for better quality movies.
  6. @azeem.
    so u mean to say if a movie is of realy low will work better on high reso lcd?
  7. It also depends on your graphics card. If it has the capability to run 1080p movies really well, 1080p on videos will be better.
  8. @ azeem
    it isnt a discrete video card but intel HD graphics i guess thats ok for just watching hd gaming at all..??
  9. I am not suree, but it should be enough for just videos.
  10. just get the best monitor you can for what you want to spend......your computer will adjust the resolutions for you.....if you have a 1920x1080 mon. and you're watching a 720p movie you'll be hard pressed to notice a dif between that and the 1366x720p monitor.... a 420res movie will look like crap no matter what unless you run upconverting software

    likewise if you watch a 1080 movie on a 720 screen you'll only be able to see it in 720...the monitor cant go beyond its own resolution
  11. For gaming, you have to use the monitor's default resolution, otherwise it will look like garbage.

    But for movies, it doesn't matter much since there is Down/Up-converting.

    Intel is crap for games anyway, except for low-end or old games at low resolution and low details. (eg. Half-Life 2 at medium, Starcraft at low, etc.) The only game that Intel iGPU's are capable of running mostly well is Portal 1.
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