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Performance with this card?

My friend wants my video card (Asus GeForece 210) to get better FPS in COD4, and to possibly play MW2. Before I give to him, I want to make sure it will work for him. What performance will he get?

Note: He plays at 480p, he doesn't care about graphics. 720p and 480p are the same to him, he just really wants to get better FPS. Currently at 480p and all settings maxed he gets 15-20 FPS on an integrated graphics. (GeForce 6150SE)

He also only has a 220W PSU. Here are the specs for his system:

CPU: AMD Sempron LE-1300 2.3 GHZ
RAM: 2 GB's of RAM
GPU: GeFore 6150SE

Will the PSU give enough power to run the card?

Thanks a bunch if you can help!
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    This should help a bit. The 210 is a lower end GPU, and I wouldn't think MW2 would run smooth on it. This one is under 80$ and will grant moderate performance on MW2 (Low settings, 480p)
  2. He really isn't fretting about MW2. If he gets to play it on 480p lowest settings he will be very happy. If he can't, he doesn't really mind. His main concern is CoD4 (MW1). He really just wants to hit at least 30 FPS.

    I would suggest the 220 to him, but he doesn't have any spending money atm, reason why I will be giving my 210 to him.
  3. I have a 9600GT? Is that any better? And will it run with a 220W PSU?
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    The GT 220 requires 58w on the 12v rail and the 210 requires 30w on the 12v rail. You need to look on the PSU to see what the numbers are on there and repost them here and I will be able to tell you if it will work or not.

    The numbers look sort of like this.
    3.3v +32a
    5.v + 16a
    12v + 14a
    If you can find the numbers like those and repost them as you see them on the sticker. Just because it tells you it is 220w PSU doesn't mean that the 210 card which Nvidia recomends a 300w min PSU.

    It could work if the numbers are right. If the numbers aren't right then he would have to upgrade his PSU and if he did that he should get the GT 220. That was My first GPU for my first rig. Anyway repost.
  5. The 9600GT is a MUCH better gaming card then either then GT210/220. His other problem is that low end CPU. He really needs a new system.
  6. Hey all. I met with him yesterday to see the gory details. And it looks as if his PSU doesn't have a PCI-e 6-pin connector. Boo!

    He will be upgrading his PSU to a 400W soon. Then I will give him my 9600 GT. Much easier this way, and we both like this way.

    Thanks so much for the help, wish I could best answer all of you.
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