6950 crashes

ok first off, my setup:

ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3, Socket-1155
Corsair Dominator DHX-1333Mhz 16gb
Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Big Tower
Intel Core i7 2700k
CrossfireX XFX Radeon HD 6950 2gb GDDR5 Dual Fan
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W PSU
Seagate momentus 5400.6 500gb (just to make the computer work, just built it, planning to get ssd's in raid)
ATI Eyefinity setup

If I play bf3 I crash after about 5-10 min, no matter which reso or graphics I play on.
If I play WoW in fullscreen/windowed(fullscreen) or just windowed, if I go afk for about 10 minutes while the game still running (especially in windowed mode) and its "minimized". "minimized" as in not selected, say im surfing youtube or something one my left monitor and wow on the middle one. Left screen is selected and then after a few minutes my pc crashes. Or not really my pc either as it stays on, music keeps playing and everything. It's just the monitors errors going first grey/green/orange vertical stripes, then turns black.

I have to hard-boot my pc to get it going properly again.
It happens quite often and I really don't understand what's causing it.
Before I got the 1200W I suspected it to be a psu issue, but it cant be that now that i got 1200W for 2x 6950s.

Maybe its the voltage that's going low when minimizing a game like that?

Also, everything is stock clocked, cpu temps idles 40-45 C, gpu idles 50C, goes to about 65-75C when running skyrim on max.

It shouldnt be an overheating issue either.

Any reply would be helpful thanks!
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  1. try updating to the latest catalyst driver, try using both gpu's one at a time to see if one is defective
    since im guessing you havent messed with them you can always return them for another card
  2. Ive got the latest catalyst drivers and also tried both gpus one at a time. It still happens.

    Ive set fan speed to 95% tho on both cards, and power up by 5%. Hasnt happened so far after doing that, even while playing bf3 on ultra in eyefinity. So I'm guessing it cuts out at like 75C or something..
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