I cannot connect my internet on my xbox 360

Hello everyone, I'm Kyle. In our country we only used broadbands to connect to the internet, for short we don't have any wireless networking here. I just bought a new Xbox360 and I tried to connect the broadband on it. After connecting I tried to join Xbox Live and it said error. The console redirected me to a part which says test your connection, so I selected it. After selecting it I noticed that there are 4 parts. First the Xbox, second network, third internet, and lastly Xbox Live. I selected Test Connection and after doing so, it started to load. The first thing the console did is to test if the network is connected and after a few seconds the loading is done and it transfers to the other part which is the console will try to connect to the internet, in this part a huge x symbol appeared on the internet sign and it says that it is unable to connect to the internet and so I tried it again and same thing happened. I would appreciate a little help to fix this problem.
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  1. What type of Internet service do you have? If it's cable, you have to power cycle the cable modem before connecting it to the Xbox.
  2. I already figured out the problem. I need a modem which is compatible with xbox.
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