Fsx graphics card

I have problems running fsx. It freezes and quits a lot. I think I need a new graphics card but am not sure if it is the problem.

Hp pavilion with NVIDIA GeForce 7100/NVIDIA nForce 630i graphic card
3 gigs of memory
Intel(R) Pentium(R) dual CPU E2200 2.20GHz

Any opinions on what would help run fsx?
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  1. Have you been in the past able to play FSX or is this the first time you have played? Did you read the system reqirments to play FSX? Is your case a Slimline? The only Info on your stuff is just the mother board(MOBO).

    The 630i is the integrated graphics. Your CPU is only a dual core so not much of a graphics card you will be able to upgrade to. What is your budget?
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