$1100 Build Please Help

Building: A couple of weeks
Parts in mind: i7 3770k, thermalright silver arrow, asus p8z77v-lk, 16gb gskill ram, muskhin chronos 120gb ssd, 1tb 64mb seagate 7200, Azza Spartan case, Corsair 600 Psu.

Parts not needed: Graphics Card-dont need one, windows 7, cd drive,keyboard,mouse,monitor

COuntry: I live in Canada, so canadian website prefered to order stuff off of..

Site: Any one in Canada or us doesnt matter where ever it is cheapest including shipping.

I am wondering if everything will fit in my Azza spartan case. Is this a good build? is there anything i could upgrade for better at around the same or cheaper price.
i will be coing to like 4.3
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  1. pdxalex said:

    Good catch, pdcalex. This is entirely unnecessary. Stop posting about this, and use just one topic please.
  2. pdxalex said:

    I did this once on THF. I only posted 3 threads not 9 but one of the guys there spammed me for the next 30 minutes. Lets just say I learned my lesson.
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