My computer windows shutdown properly but pc does not

Hello, i have the same problem of "my computer windows shutdown properly but system does not" i need to manually power off the system" i am using asus m2n-vm hdmi i called the service center of asus in mumbai the expert told me that there can be problem with your on board power ic so i just checked with my smps 24 pin connector and pushed it properly for few days the trick worked for me the system started power off properly after windows shutdown, but after few days the problem started again i called the service center expert and told every thing that i did he advised me to come at service center where it will be easy to isolate the problem if there is no on board power ic problem then i just need buy and replace my old smps so wait for tomorrow i will come with solution for this. thanks and please tell me any other option if you know.
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  1. i had a similar issue with a intel motherboard, it my case it was the wake-on-lan that was causing the computer to not power off after a shutdown. so after setting wake on lan to disabled it worked fine.
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