Will this PSU power this GPU?

My current psu: http://www.ebuyer.com/152009-ocz-mxsp-series-500w-80-psu-modular-single-12v-rail-135mm-fan-ocz500mxsp
My new GPU: http://www.ebuyer.com/387003-zotac-zt-60302-10p-gtx-670-2gb-zt-60302-10p

i5 2500k@3.6ghz
corsair vengeance 8 gig
Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD5
OCZ 90GB Agility 3 SSD
Windows 7 64

My current card is a gtx 560ti, I've been told the 670 draws less power so should be fine on this PSU but I wanted to make sure.

I won't be OC the card until I can afford a new PSU, but will this run on my current in the meantime?

Thanks very much!
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  1. What will happen if it's "not fine"?

    Am I ruining the risk of perma-damage to my system or components?

  2. You're not really cutting it close. A system with a highly OCed, power-hungry i7 965 drew 279W at full load with a GXT 670 and you're system will draw less power. Review: http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-670-review/8
    Indications of insufficient power:
    bad 3D performance
    crashing games
    spontaneous reset or imminent shutdown of the PC
    freezing during gameplay
  3. So, if I don't plan on overclocking do I need to upgrade at all?

    My PSU has 36amps across the 12v rails, I've read that's the requirement for this card...

    This is all a bit new to me...
  4. Anyone else please?
  5. You don't need to upgrade your PSU and you actually have some room for OC. If you wanted to buy a new PSU to use money that was burning a hole in your pocket, then I wouldn't have recommended anything more than an XFX Core 550W with 44A on the 12V rails. If you paid 48-49 pounds for that OCZ, then you would have gotten a better deal if you had gotten the XFX in the first place...50 at Amazon and Scan and free shipping at Amazon.
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