Power Supply not enough? Please help :)

Hi, I recently built a new gaming rig with these specs:

Mobo: Asus crosshair V Formula
CPU: AMD FX 8150 Black edition
Video cards: Radeon 7970 x2 crossfire
Power Supply: Corsair ax1200 watt gold
RAM:Corsair Vengence 16gb (2 8gb ddr3 sticks)

9 chassis fans if that makes a difference :)

The problem: I just recently purchased a razer black widow keyboard, got it all plugged in and it works great! Love mechanical keyboards. But when I go to play games on steam (dead island, Left 4 dead 2) the game halts, alt+tab and a little flag says video card drived crashed but has recovered...tried reinstalling drivers still crashes. Ended up going back to a normal wireless hp keyboard ( no other changes what so ever) and my games run flawless no crashes no problems at all...

Is it possible that somehow the black widow keyboard uses more power and is causing the graphics cards or other component to fail? Or is the 1200 watt psu more than enough? I do not or have not over locked anything either :) thank you for any help!
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  1. Sounds like you put your cards up against each other, and the top one is overheating. you need at least one space between them.
  2. They are spaced as far as the crossfire connecter will allow them :) lol. I thought that could be it but at load they run around 60*c or so.
  3. No it's not possible. A 750w psu would be sufficient.
  4. Hmm. 60c isn't hot at all.
    Now it sounds like there's a secret feud between steam and the makers of your keyboard.
    It's that, or your motherboard has a manufacturing error somewhere in the drivers section. Last effort would be to try and use a different usb port for your keyboard.
  5. ^sad to say I was tired last night and didn't try that^^ lol!! That will be where I will start then! Since the power supply is ruled out. Hmm I hope it's not the mobo :(
  6. Heres the problem, Your Keyboard drivers from razor is conflicting with your Video drivers. Now their may be some sort of fix but... Video Drivers crash and recover all the time, BTW alt tabbing isn't a good thing to do with steam because more than likely the game eventually crashes. Steam is a wierd Game tool. If you need to alt tab to check the web... Steam has a built in browser. If you SHift tab to pull up in game steam. then click browser at the bottom. and a Steam version of good chrome comes up while playing the game. T

    SO remember, try to keep the Alt tabbing to a minimum and always check your temps.

    I doubt its a Power supply issue but... 7970 uses a quite amount of power
  7. Wattage is fine, but even great PSUs can have a problem.

    I do NOT think it's your PSU, but is enough to rule out PSU, Run furmark, or prime95 to load the 12 V rail and monitor Voltage +12 should not drop below 11.4, I use 11.6 as a min.

    Just so you know a good 750 Watt PSU is fine
    .. Measured power consumption for two cards in Crossfire
    ....... System in IDLE = 166W
    ....... System Wattage with GPU in FULL Stress = 567W
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