I need a opinion on this prebuilt computer !

Hey everyone , i was interested in the idea of building my own computer the forums have helped me list out parts to buy for a gaming rig but seeing as how i'm not very knowledgeable on building im keeping my options open a bit. i stumbled across a website with prebuilt gaming desktops. I need honest opinions as seeing as i am actually interested in just buying this computer.

The computer is called Mega Special III from cyberpower

Here is a link sorry if it doesn't work

Now is this computer overpriced ? Should i just build one my own ? or is this actually a pretty good buy for the price? I'm looking to play games like Tera online , Guildwars 2 , World of warcraft.
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  1. You are getting ripped off, big time. If you have a copy of Windows 7, then you can save at least for the build another $100. Go build it yourself. I was going to buy my build from these websites, but they force you to buy a Hard drive, etc. which is insane. If you want, look at newegg.com, this is my favorite website to pick PC components. However, I am in the same boat that your are in, I am going to build my PC for $650 and it will handle Skyrim on High.
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