Amd fx 8150 or phenom iix6 for heavy photoshop usage

dear friends,

I want to build anew pc with will be used as a server for 10-12 pc's and heavy photoshop will be done and other editing softwares will be running.

previously i build a pc with config: AMD Phenom ii x4 955 BE + asus M4A88TDM-EVO + 24 gb ram, this pc is running superb as a server for 10 pc's will full load but now i need a new one.

I have shortlisted the AMD FX 8150(8 cores) or AMD Phenom iix6 1100t(6 cores)

As for photoshop more cores will be better i think.

please suggest which is the best amd processor for this kind of heavy load.( NO INTEL PLEASE)

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  1. It is one of the things the Zambezi's are good at.
  2. Intel Core i7 :P

    If I were in your position and not in a rush, I would wait for Piledriver's release though
  3. Piledriver will probably only release end November with some luck.
  4. Hi :)

    1100T :)

    All the best :),

    -Harold :)

    (Couldn't help myself)
  5. nekulturny said:
    Hi :)

    1100T :)

    All the best :),

    -Harold :)

    (Couldn't help myself)

    Hi :)

    Hehe ...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. guys i am not convinced yet....please tell me which amd cpu would be best for heavy multi-core processing....
  7. For your server uses the 1100T may be better with its proper independent cores.

    For your PS uses the 8150 actually benchmarks faster (4 seconds faster in retouch artists) if you PS ALOT those small differences add up to a larger amount.

    So if PS is the priority take the 8150, If effective multitasking and server usage is a priority 1100T.

    Personally I would get the cheapest if you wanted to do this properly you would be going server class anyway.
  8. thanks wr6133 ,

    I guess your reply was really helpful...

  9. ^ Personally I'd get the 8120 and then oc it a bit - same thing as the 8150 except lower-binned..
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