Help fix microstutter 6970's with i5 760

psu 1000W
8 gig ram
6970's @980 1475 1.3
i5 760 @ 4.2
asus mobo p7p55d

i been having microstutter issue ever since i had crossfire some games it not bad but other its pretty frigging bothersom

i been trying to search the web for some answers and havent found nothing that works, right now i am using trixx to OC my gpus and drivers is 12.1 with the cap3

everything is 100% stable like this for over a year now. no bsod or no crashing ever. i get amazing frames alot of the time too in almost all games just i hate this stutter it makes the game feels bad.

i notice this stutter when i am strafing or using my mouse to look side to side.

when running straight in most games it looks incredible, the side to side / strafing is where i get this intense stutter that shakes the image.

besides drivers, can you guys suggest options? i have tried things like vsync on and off
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  1. Tryy these as they are the latest drivers ( Also make sure you have down loaded and installed the latest game profiles.
  2. overclocking GPU wont help. It's probably the motherboard causing the problems. A 16x/4x pcie slot arrangement is poop for crossfire. Only solution is to buy new motherboard with a 16x/16x or 8x/8x pcie lane setup. You can try bios updates/driver updates etc, but it most likely will not help.
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