Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

I'm Continuously getting this error command "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernal Mode Driver Version 295.73 has stopped responding and has successfully recovered" and after sometime Blue screen appears.
My Graphics card is XFX GeForce 9500GT 1GB DDR2 PCI Express (PCIe) DVI/VGA Video Card w/TV-Out

I recently upgraded my Desktop with Gigabyte P67-DS3-B3 motherboard supporting DDR3. From NVIDIA website this 295.73 was the latest diver update i got.
The current GD is not available in any of the XFX and NVIDIA websites. Was this GD too bad? So to show the product i had pasted a link http://www.clickbd.com/bangladesh/463628-xfx-9500-gt-512-ddr2.html

Will it be the Driver problem or some hardware complaints of the Graphic card?
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  1. I used to get this to, have u overclocked the GPU's?? because I think that might be it.

    Sorry I'm not much help with drivers :??:
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