Corsair CX600...I'm confused, please help! :)

Hi everyone!
I just bought a corsair cx600 psu and tested it on my old MoBo, a gigabyte 8IPE1000-G.
However, while everything seems to be ok, there's no signal on the monitor. My GPU is a sapphire X1650 Pro 256MB (AGP connection). I unplugged everything, replugged them, I used an older GPU I had, but still nothing!
At the end, when I unplugged the 20-pin atx connector, I noticed that there is no pin 18, the one with the white cable for -5v.
Is this normal? Could this create any problem? Or even better does this have anything to do with the lack of signal on the monitor? I thought that the PSU is too modern for my old hardware but still I don't get it! Any ideas would be much appreciated
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  1. Well, systems of this era ( Pentium 4 ) have been known to go nuts for the simplest mistakes.

    I remember removing a stick of RAM on my old Pentium 4 system, had to reset Bios just to get it bootable into Windows again.....

    Chances are, if you've just bought the PSU, it's fine.
  2. Thanks for your reply!
    I searched on the net and somewhere it said pin-18 optional! So I guess the PSU is fine without it.
    But what happens now? Even if the PSU is working right, the system cannot be used... :( I 've also tried to clear the CMOS but no luck! No signal..
  3. Usually when I reach this point during the good old days.....I get angry, take apart everything, watch some sitcom for an hour or two, then reassemble them......

    which is kinda annoying, but what can you do with an old system....
  4. I've taken everything apart and put them back but the problem persists...
    :D :D The fact is that I 've purchased new parts to build a modern system but I want to sell the old one to get some money back. I would sell it without a PSU but I wanted to be sure that everything else works fine... Now I don't have a clue what the problem may be. Could it be the MoBo or the GPU??
  5. You could still sell it as a complete working system with one of those 5 bucks a pop know as long as it works sort.

    your old system though, it could be anything, best you could do is diagnose it one by one.
    Start off with motherboard+CPU+ RAM +onboard display.
    if that works move onto, + discrete GPU
    then, + HDD, + DVD drive
  6. Thanks greghome! Probably the best way is this, reseat everything one by one... A bit boring procedure but it has to be done! Hope my pc just wants to piss me off and it's not some kind of problem! We 'll see... Thanks again!
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