I5 3570k keeps restarting

Hey all,
Yesterday, i bought dual gtx 550ti's and an i5 3570k.
I decided to upgrade my rig, because I was helping my friend set up his rig as well, which would be used for less intensive gaming.

I changed my i5 2500 and gtx 560 to the dual 550ti's and i5 3570k.
The gtx 550ti's worked fine, but the i5 3570k's fan either wouldnt start up, or would start then stop, or start, go into overdrive, and then make a weird clicking noise.
The i5 2500 works fine in both of our systems, so I'm quite sure that the problem is the 3570k.
Any reccomendations, or solutions? Thanks
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  1. What motherboard are you trying to use? Did you make sure it was Ivy Bridge compatible?
  2. Is your motherboard compatible with i5-3570K??

    Dual gtx550ti's? Why?
  3. I'll go ahead and "third" the motherboard question.

    I have a feeling that a BIOS update is required.
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