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Dolby digital in itunes over hdmi on 7770

Dolby digital for videos in itunes does not work on my new Sapphire 7770 video card. I am using a Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3R motherboard and the latest Realtek HD audio and catalyst drivers. I am using two displays the main over DVI and the big screen over HDMI in the lounge. I have to disable the small dvi display in the catalyst control center when the lounge screen is on otherwise the HDCP does not work, it seems to only work on one display at a time. But the main problem is the surround sound option is greyed out in itunes due to it trying to send it to digital out on the motherboard even though my receiver is the default audio device in windows 7. It is just annoying that I have to use my apple tv now to watch itunes videos with surround sound when I can get surround sound in other programs working. I tried to install the Realtek ATI hdmi audio driver but it does not connect for some reason and I wonder if I have missed something?
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  1. I have the same problem !
    ATI HDMI Driver 2.67 runs with Dolby Home Theater ,but when installing it it says not connected.
    I think Realtek need to update their ATI HDMI Driver the 2.67 vesrion was released in Dec 2011.
    When running with AMD HDMI Driver it connects but i can not run that with Dolby Home Theater.
    This is very annoying !

    Please help !

    Maybe moddifie the inf file.
    It seems the ATI HDMI Version 2.67 doesnt notice the HD 7770.
    Also that driver worked perfectly with my old card HD5670 trough Dolby Home theater !
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    amsm6274 said:
    Dolby digital for videos in itunes does not work on my new Sapphire 7770 video card.

    If you are running the AMD driver, iTunes fails to recognize it (The Surround Audio track is greyed out). If you are running the Realtek driver then iTunes will recognize it but as soon as you select the Surround Audio track then iTunes locks up for about a minute before proceeding to continue to play the video with no sound.

    As far as I can tell, iTunes digital output does not currently work with any Radeon HDMI audio device.

    Apple provides a feedback form for iTunes here:

    You might want to send them a note asking that they fix this (as I have done).
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