Screen Goes Black, power light still lit, turn it off, then back on and it happe

Started today
monitor screen turns black after Windows opens, but the power light on monitor is still lit.
I shut off monitor, turned it back on and it happens again.
I turn it off and on again, but this goes on every 5-10 seconds.
My computer is about 3 years old and my monitor is about 5 years old.
Any suggestions (Please be specific, as I am not computer savvy)
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  1. Well.... have you tried a different monitor?
  2. Use whatever key gets you to BIOS. Does video work well in BIOS?

    YES, BIOS video is fine.

    If VGA connected then reduce the frequency of the output monitor -- sounds like it's losing sync. Come up in 'SAFE' mode (google it) then reduce frequency in video settings. (google change 'refresh rate')

    Possible driver problem. Come up in SAFE mode, install video driver.

    NO, BIOS video is bad:

    Check cables. remove then put back on. swap with other cable. swap with other monitor.
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