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Windows 7 networking is the worst thing I have ever used

Although this forum is a close run thing right now! The sub category was set to none, I hit submit because I didn't particularly want a sub category, and it lost my entire post :(

I have a folder shared on my PC. My Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3 can see it just fine.

My parents PC couldn't. It wouldn't let me connect because of a password (that I never even once set) so I went into the advanced networking options and completely disabled the password thing.

But it still wouldn't work. I could see the folder now at least, but double clicking it said I didn't have access, and suggested I created a homegroup.

Which I did, but this served no purpose other than to add yet another ****ing password into the mix (which I've forgotten) and it's now trying to share all of my photos, music, movies etc with my parents too which I don't want to do.

Is there anyway at all just to share this one damn folder with my parents PC please? I don't care about all of this other rubbish (and would appreciate if there was a way to disable it please?) I just want the one folder!!

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  1. I've managed to leave the homegroup, but the crappy icon is still there in explorer now, sigh :(

    (edit: nevermind, set my network to be a public one again and it went, nice)

    And I still can't share the folder. This is a joke. Why can my Sony PS3 read from Windows 7 but another Windows 7 machine can't?
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  3. That is awesome, thank you! It was changing the permissions and typing 'Everyone' that I didn't do, fingers crossed this will work just great now :D
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