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2 laptops, 1 running xp the other Win7. Adhoc network setup, it has always stayed up and connected in same area, same configuration. Why then would the xp client connect on both of its wireless cards, but then disconnect after only 4 or 5 seconds? I can't figure it out!, the laptops are right next to each other. There is quite a bit of wireless traffic in the building, but I just don't see that mattering. Please , I need to get this resolved.
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  1. I was thinking more about what happened. Anyone think that if the xp client failed to obtain an ip automatically, it would then be kicked off?? When I press connect to the adhoc network, it'll report connected really quick, but then will sit an report obtaining an address for like 2 minutes (but it still says its connected all the while). After that it gets dropped immediately
    Remember, no encrypt is selected, its open. Is there a problem between the 2 OS's being different??

    I'm thinking, the only variable between last wk and this wk is maybe the amount of extraneous radio traffic in the same bldg as us. Last wk there wasn't much and this wk there is more. Last wk, the xp client stayed connected, this wk it disconnects. Then I'm thinking that my Win7 comp may have not released its IP add when I left home and when the xp client tried to obtain the auto 169 add, it couldn't connect to the adhoc network that my win7 client was already on with a diff ip add??? --Eric D , Net+/A+/Server+/MCP/APSx2/former CCNA
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