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Currently I am using the headset "Steel Series - Syberia v2". My on-board sound couldn't power it up so I used an old creative sound card.

The problem with this sound card is that it is bent and every time a touch it my computer freezes.

Also I want to buy a new sound system. I am looking at the Logitech z323.

What I need:

- low budget -> most bang for the buck (Sound card under $50)

- PCI only (No pci express, my graphics card blocks my 2nd pci-e slot)

- gaming and movies

- no driver problems with windows 7 64bit


I am asking because I saw several sound cards like the xonar dg/d1 with compatibility issues.
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  1. The ASUS Xonar DG/DS/D1 are probably the best all around bet. Not sure what compability issues you heard about...
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