Suggesns for purchasing Graphics Card

BUDGET RANGE: Approx : Rs 5700 or $100-$115

USAGE:New Games with low graphics or even lowering resolution a bit. Games like latest NFS, COD and COD4 online etc..

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY:nVIDIA GeForce 9500GT 1GB ddr2 and powersupply: Xenitis 400W power supply)

CPU - Intel Core2Duo E7500 @2.93 Ghz
Ram - 4GB DDr2
mobo - Biostar G31d-M7

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR or even local stores

PARTS PREFERENCES: preferable nvidia card, brand does'nt matter (XFX, Zotac etc.)


MONITOR RESOLUTION:1920x1080 (this is the reason I mentioned of low graphics, lowering resolution etc..)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Preferable to run under default or 400W power supply)

Actualli I have no idea about the recent nVidia cards like the 200,400 series etc.I checked the Sparkle GTS 450 (within range) but will be good or is there any better option for that.
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  1. you will get a hd 6770 on that price you can play games on medium settings with that resolution.:)
  2. 6770 is the best option in that price range.
  3. Oh well thanks but 6770 is a bit pricy here..its out of my budget..its going to cost around Rs600 to Rs 700 more as per i will try if I can collect that xtra money...thanks..
  4. ok goodluck buy sapphire one for cheaper price and good performance.:)
  5. thankz......ya sapphire s good...cheaper than the others..
  6. Another question. do I need to buy a separate power supply for 6770 and if yes what should I buy and how much it will cost??..thank you
  7. The 7750 should perform about as well as the 6700's but with dx 11.1. I suggest you get 7750 as its more up to date and you will have no problems finding 7750's later for crossfire. AMD stopped production of the 6000's so it could be hard to find a second later. Also your 400w should have an easier time pushing this card as it requires a bit lower power.
    notice that the7750 beats the 5770 in directx 11.

    It draws less power than even the 5750.
  8. Actually, 400W is enough. But it also depends on your psu model and it's age. Still, I would at least get a corsair cx or antec earthwatts which is quite good for that system
  9. 400w will be ok just make sure that you have an 6 pin pcie connector.:)
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