PC sounding the alarm siren thinking that my cpu fan stopped working!

so basically the as the title says, My pc thinks my cpu's cooler in not working (it is) and it runs at a cool 38-42C. It sounds an alarm siren similar to that like a police car thinking my cpu will overheat (it wont =D).
Is there a way to disable the alarm beep? By the way nothing is overheating in my pc and I can do every activity normally except the anoying loud beeping in the background!
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  1. You'll have to go through the BIOS options, there's probably a setting in 'hardware monitor' or similar to either disable the alarm (not recomended) or reset the point at which the alarm triggers.
  2. I have tried disabling it in bios and succeeded to stop it untill the pc restarted to boot my system. The beeping has returned. Seems like bios accepted the setting and turned it the beeping off until the pc restarted. Does anyone by any chance know how to get my mobo to recognize that my cpu fan is working properly again?
  3. Odd.
    Maybe the motherboard is misreading the fan speed and thinks the fan is n't working?
    Try removing, then refitting the fan connector, perhaps it's just a bad connection.
  4. Thank you very much for your input. I just disabled the beep via the uguru program that comes with my abit mother board. Thank you very much for your help =)
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