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I recently aquired a HP G61-511WM Laptop with an amd sempron II M100 processor and I'm wondering what I could upgrade to. HP lists some dual cores in the manual, but I want to see if I can go higher than a dual core. As long as the processor is in the 25w-35w range everything should be ok. I did take thh laptop apart and found out that the processor is removable so I'm ok in that category. I juat haven't found anymore info besides what's on HP's site. Can someone help me out?
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  1. What ever is the best CPU in HP's list will work with the BIOS and will be an upgrade from the Sempron.
  2. I want to bump this thread to ask the same question. As adrian posted he has the M100 processor which runs at 25w. Mine runs pretty damn loud constantly and I don't know why as it's clan as a whistle inside. But what I want to ask if it's wise to upgrade to a dual core processor that runs at 35w (Truion II Ultra M640). On the service manual it supports up to the M600, but as it's in the same family, I would expect it can go higher (M620, M640, M660) Since it's already running quite hot, I've seen it go as high as 96C before, but it never shuts down for overheating.

    Could that be just my processor, or would it be something not cooling properly with the heatsink?
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